Deluxe Field Shave Kit
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Deluxe Field Shave Kit

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The Deluxe Field Shave Kit is a premium shave bundle that covers you at every step of any daily shave routine – from shave prep to post-shave and daily maintenance – just add your favorite razor.

Kit contains:

  • After-Shave Balm & Face Moisturizer
  • Bergamot After-Shave
  • Pre-Shave Oil & Beard Conditioner
  • Field Shave Soap Canister with Glycerin Shave Soap 
  • Vegan Travel Shave Brush
  • Field Notes Notebook
  • Drawstring Muslin Bag (not pictured)

Traditional Wet Shave Instructions from Imperial Barber

  1. Prep beard for shaving with PRE-SHAVE OIL & BEARD CONDITIONER to soften hair and allow for a smoother shave.
  2. Run hot water through the VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH to soften bristles.
  3. Add hot water to and create lather in FIELD SHAVE SOAP CANISTER with the VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH.
  4. Apply lather to beard with the VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH and shave beard with your preferred razor.
  5. Rinse face thoroughly when finished and apply BERGAMOT AFTER-SHAVE to close pores and refresh skin post-shave.
  6. Wash and dry VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH thoroughly and store in the included plastic travel container.
  7. Apply AFTER-SHAVE BALM & FACE MOISTURIZER to face daily to keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy.