The Smooth Shave Set
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The Smooth Shave Set

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The Smooth Shave Set is great for the beginner as well the seasoned shaving enthusiast.

Includes Field Shave Soap Canister, Vegan Travel Shave Brush, and Pre-Shave Oil & Beard Conditioner.

The Field Shave Soap Canister contains Imperial's Glycerin Shave Soap, a 100% natural soap that creates a rich lather that can be used for both a close shave or as a face wash. Canister can be reused with each new Glycerin Shave Soap Puck.

Vegan Travel Shave Brush is handmade in the UK with 100% synthetic materials. The included plastic travel case allows for easy transport and storage while also allowing moisture to escape.

Pre-Shave Oil & Beard Conditioner is a dual-purpose shave prep that helps protect your face from nicks and cuts while also conditioning beard hair in between shaves.

Imperial's tried and true routine for a great shave:

  1. Prep beard for shaving with PRE-SHAVE OIL & BEARD CONDITIONER.
  2. Run hot water through VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH to soften bristles.
  3. Add hot water to FIELD SHAVE SOAP CANISTER and create lather with VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH.
  4. Apply lather to beard with VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH and shave with your preferred razor.
  5. Rinse and dry face after shaving.
  6. Rinse and dry VEGAN TRAVEL SHAVE BRUSH thoroughly before storing in plastic travel container.