Let's Face It

Accessories Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses Pat & Jack

Let’s face it: It’s 2020 and having your face in front of a screen for a good part of every day is inevitable.

We work on screens.

We socialize on screens.

We see our families on screens.

We celebrate birthdays and holidays on screens.

Let’s Face It: All of these activities combined have all of us dealing with the fallout of this new reality. Lessening our screen time doesn’t appear to be an option right now. And you may find that all this time in front of blue light emitting devices has left you with tired eyes, eye strain, blurred vision or headaches.

Let’s Face It: There is help, literally, in sight.

Pat & Jack Blue Light Reading Glasses can limit the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to throughout the day. These high fashion readers, some of which can be worn around your neck, will conveniently be there for you as you move from phone screen to computer to TV. Available with or without power, in fashion forward colors and cutting edge styles. This fashion accessory will not only make your eyes feel good; they’ll make YOUR face look good at home, at work and at your next Zoom meeting!

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