What is a Dopp Kit?

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One of our favorite gifts for gentlemen in 2021 is the Dopp Kit, or toiletry bag. Whether you do most of your grooming routine at home or plan on travelling, a good Dopp Kit can quickly become a cherished possession. We are hopeful that safe travels will be possible again soon and see the Toiletry Kit as a gift that expresses optimism about safe future travels. 

What is a Dopp Kit?

A Dopp Kit or Dopp Bag is a portable container that holds body, hygiene and toiletry supplies. Dopp Kit and Dopp Bag are two of many names used to describe toiletry bags, along with toiletry kit, bathroom kit, toilet bag, travel kit and shaving kit. Dopp Kits are used for convenient travel and easy storage of essential hygiene supplies.

Where does the name come from?

The name Dopp Kit or Dopp Bag comes from Charles Doppelt, an early 20th century leather craftsman. In the 1920’s, his Chicago based company made a bag for men to store toiletries and sold them locally. Doppelt’s bags began to be referred to as “Dopp Kits.” Dopp Kits began to see widespread use and popularity after Doppelt secured a contract with the US army to supply kits for troops during World War II.

When to use Dopp Kits?

While Dopp Kits are great for travel, they can also be great tools for consolidating products at home. For example, using a Dopp Kit to store and access all of your shaving supplies or a full skin care regimen can be an efficient way to minimize clutter.

Which items to pack for travel in a Dopp Kit?

You should generally pack your Dopp Kit with the body, hygiene and toiletry supplies that you will need on your trip. This can vary a lot depending on daily routine, needs, and product availability at the destination. A basic starting point might be:

How to fit my stuff in my Dopp Kit?

There are many tricks to getting everything you need to fit in your Dopp Kit.It is also important to consider your mode of transportation and duration of your trip when deciding what sized items you will need to bring. 

Small reusable bottles can help reduce a traveller's favorite 500ml shampoo to a 100ml travel bottle. There are also many solid products, like soaps and toothpastes, that can fit in tight kits and sometimes be creatively cut down to size. Some of your favorite products also offer travel sizes or come with refillable travel sized bottles.

Reducing Spills in Dopp Kits

Our favorite dopp kits from Bonvoy are extremely easy to clean. Each bag comes with a completely removable liner that is machine washable, so that it will stay as clean as the day you got it. Their chic design, functionality, expandability and premium materials are also why we're big fans of the brand. 

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions about toiletry bags, packing or our products we would be happy to hear from you. 



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